Buyer Testimonial 10/2017

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Shirley recommended Debra to me and I felt she really cared about my real estate needs. The atmosphere is great. It’s friendly and welcoming, and everyone at Legacy seems to really like each other and help each other. I want to mention Randy in particular, who showed me a house when Debra was out of town and was so very nice to me and of course there’s Debra.  I don’t know what I would have done without her! I’ve worked with a number of real estate agents over they eras, and Debra Scott is the best by far. She has so many qualities and talents that made her invaluable to me in my search for a house. This is what I have learned about Debra over the last five months. She’s smart. She’s knowledgeable- about real estate, certainly, but she’s also a builder and can identify flaws in a house that I would have missed. She’s honest. She loves her work, even the challenging parts (or maybe, especially the challenging parts because she excels at problem-solving). She works hard, and long (daytime, nighttime, weekends.) She’s formed really good relationships with other agents in town, and is liked and respected by her co-workers. She’s an amazing negotiator. She handles stress without losing her composure, and in a stressful situation, she keeps other people (me) from losing it altogether. She’s endlessly patient with endless questions (mine). She’s genuine; no matter who she’s talking to, she’s always the same, i.e., unpretentious, funny, and caring. Debra has earned not only my gratitude, but also my respect and affection. She found the house I was looking for, and because she acted quickly, we were the first to see it. We closed last week. I’m very happy with the house, and plan to stay there. But if I were to ever decide to sell, it’s Debra I would want on my team again.

S. Forrester

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