Getting to Know the Fairview Community

Home to no more than 500 people, this small town in northeast Cullman County exudes a peaceful and bucolic atmosphere. Farming and agriculture is deeply ingrained in the community’s identity; the two are the main drivers towards Fairview’s growth and development.

Fairview is located approximately 12 miles northeast from the boundaries of Cullman City. Despite its small population, the community is lively and thriving. Moreover, there are plenty of open spaces in Fairview, a welcome sight if you’re a city-dweller seeking to escape the urban jungle. Along with the rest of Cullman County, Fairview is forward-thinking and progressive and stands to benefit from Cullman’s economic growth. The signature Southern hospitality is as warm as ever in Fairview. This tight-knit community has a welcoming atmosphere and an appealing down-home vibe.

Areas of Interest – 

The Fairview Community Park is a popular spot where locals go to catch up with their friends and enjoy the soft Alabama breeze. The park also hosts several events throughout the year, one of which is the annual Labor Day Festival, which is held on the first week of September. Recently, the town of Fairview celebrated its 14th Labor Day Festival. From the park, Fairview’s town hall and library are just a few steps away. There is something for the sports buff in the town’s sports park, while golf enthusiasts will surely enjoy the greens at Chelsey Oaks Golf Course.

Schools – 

Three schools are found within the town limits of Fairview. These are the Fairview Elementary School, the Fairview Middle School, and the Fairview High School. These centers for learning are dedicated to honing young minds and encouraging their students to set reachable expectations. Fairview High School has several clubs and student organizations that encourage students to develop in a holistic manner. Fairview is served by the Cullman County Schools district.