Getting to Know the Bethel Community

Located in Cullman County, Bethel is considered a “populated” place by the Geographic Names Information System as its boundaries have not yet been officially established.

Within a 30-mile radius of Bethel, the estimated population in 2013 according to the U.S. Census Bureau is 144,839. Neighboring communities include Cullman (8 miles east of Bethel), Crane Hill (8 miles southwest), Logan (4 miles southwest) and Vinemont (7 miles east northeast). The largest community found within a 50-mile radius of Bethel is Birmingham, which has a population of around 212,000 people.

Schools in the Area

West Point Elementary, West Point Middle, West Point High School

Areas of Interest

Clarkson Covered Bridge – 

One of the most visited attractions in the area is the Clarkson Covered Bridge, a rustic wooden bridge that was built in 1904 and spans Crooked Creek. It was once used by farmers and travelers and is now one of the county’s most well-known historic landmarks. Due to its historical significance, the bridge was registered in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Today, the bridge still stands after having undergone restoration (it was destroyed due to a storm in 1921). The bridge that we now see standing today is the result of careful restoration work done during the 1970s as part of the American Revolution Bicentennial Project. People now visit this area for its beautiful picnic grounds and extensive hiking trails, which makes it perfect for day trips and as a venue for events and festivals.

Crooked Creek Civil War Museum and Park – 

You can also visit Crooked Creek Civil War Museum and Park, a fun recreational outdoor space that extends across 40 acres of land.This was the battle site in which Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Union Colonel Abel Streight led forces against each other in 1863.

The park opened in 2006 and since then this park has told the story of the American Civil War to locals and international visitors who wish to embark on an interesting historical journey.